Corporate Training

         Indian corporate world is going through lots of turmoil currently. The competition has never been so fierce. New startups, recession, acquisitions, FDI’s and, most important is the underperforming human capital.

        A company without inspired employees is like a car without gasoline. A very well researched and proven corporate training and empowerment module for your organization by one of the most dynamic and highly qualified corporate trainer in India. It will help your organization  to grow exponentially and  become a market leader and eventually a BRAND.


  1.  Leadership DNA : Today every nation, organization and home is grappling with a problem like never before and that is leadership .We have bosses and managers but not true leaders. This workshop is for awakening a leader within you because leaders create more leaders and not followers.

  2.  The Growth factor : If you are not growing then you are retarding. How to grow, not only in terms of turnover but also in all the important aspects of your life like mental, spiritual, emotional and financial.

  3.  Innovation at work : Innovate or perish is the mantra of this corporate and also personal life. Imagination is more important than the intelligence. Thinking innovatively is not a forte of a few reserved people like Einsteins, or Jobs but also of common people. There is a way to make our brain think innovatively. It’s simple but very effectively.

  4.  Change is constant : The most important factor that the corporate world is grappling with is CHANGE. Today’s technology is becoming absolute tomorrow. Employees are not able to change with this CHANGE. If you don’t CHANGE then your competitor will CHANGE. Learn to adapt the change happily and not as a punishment.

  5.  Customer relations : Only a customer can fire a boss. You should not have satisfied customers but loyal customers. To achieve this you need to change the philosophy of your employees. Unlike past, today advertising is not able to attract and retain  customers. To do this you need to change the  philosophy of  your employees first and then the quality of your product.

  6.  Success Engineering : To bring abundance in your personal and professional life you have to do what 2% people do. Happy and successful people develop success DNA.

  7.  Happy workplace : 60% heart attacks come on Monday morning. This shows the tremendous stress people face at the work place. Changing the belief system will help people overcome the Monday morning blues and have fun at workplace.

  8.  Emotional Fitness : We all work on physical fitness but the software (mind) that runs this hardware(body) is corrupt hence we need an antivirus. According to WHO, 6 out of 10 people are mentally in poor health. “Success at any cost” has corrupted our mind to its core. Working on your mind-fitness daily will keep your mind software virus free.

  9.  Business communication : Communication in fluent English has become the need of the hour. Accept it or not but in the corporate world people will judge you by the quality of English you speak.

  10.  Sales growth : If you want to stay in this market of well-informed, educated and suspicious customers then this module is very important for your sales team. A sales team with passion and mission is an asset for any organization.

  11.  Perfection or Excellence : Why some organizations/people reach the zenith in their field and why others are struggling. It’s a science and not just luck. It is not the talent that decides the x-factor but the life philosophy.

  12.  People skills : The most important reason why people or organizations fail or succeed in life is not the 
    technical skills but people skills. Good news is that you can develop these skills like any other skills.

  13.  Business Sanskar : Honesty is not only the best policy but the only one. An Intelligent employee without ethics is very dangerous not only to any organization but also to a nation. People do business with only those they like and not with those having no values. Best business values will help you stay rooted in the market for generations.