Campus Training

Having worked in both, academics and corporate Dr.Sandeep Knows the 'nuts and bolts' of both the worlds. Students from small towns and tier 2 cities are good only in academics, but weak in English communication, Group discussion, Hr Interviews, Seminar skills and most important, self confidence. But what is more worrying is, they are not self-motivated and lag in important life skills. Dr.Sandeep feels that though our education system is good but it is not able to keep pace with the fast growing corporate world. This has been a key factor in placing students in the best companies (campus placement). They are not having the most essential corporate skills, which are mandatory when one works for reputed multinationals. Result: very few or no students are placed at the end of their course.

Many Engineering and Management institutes have appointed Dr.Sandeep patil, as a campus recruitment and corporate coach. They have magnificent results.

1. Developing English fluency and communication skills.
The first step is English fluency development, which is very important, but neglected by parents and students. Nobody does this. Every trainer advices about developing soft skills/communication skills, but nobody actually do it at the classroom level. Nobody is addressing the basic problem vernacular students have and that is, "Developing English Fluency". Majority of ours students are from Marathi/other medium, and they develop the inferiority complex because of their inability to speak English fluently. Ordinary methods have, grammar (boring), and Marathi-English translation.

We use scientific methods, following which students start speaking grammatically correct and fluent English without studying  boring grammar or translation. We call this "Mother Tongue Approach (MTA)".This is a totally new approach for developing English Fluency naturally.

2. Success DNA.
This training gives a complete face-lift to the student's attitude & behavior. He/she becomes more responsible towards his/her studies, lectures, practicals, submission, projects and overall behavior. Teachers /parents will see a sea-change in students behavior. We are the only one organization in teaching ,which has full fledged R&D department . We innovate, brainstorm, and discuss on

"How can we do it better?"

"How can students develop and raise the bar?".

This is called success KAIZEN.

3.Corporate soft-skills.
According to industry sources, 85% of  our freshers don’t have the right skill-set  necessary to get in the organization( placement). These skills play an important role in one’s selection in campus placement.
This is a very carefully designed workshop, which will cover following key skill sets,

  •     Group-discussion.  
  •     Facing interview confidently.
  •     Public speaking.
  •     Mastering presentation skills.
  •     e-mail writing.
  •     Corporate ethics.
  •     Corporate etiquettes.
  •     Relationship at work.
  •     What best CEO’s do!
  •     Entrepreneur DNA.